Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Understanding Mary Kate

Behold, Mary Kate Olsen....

The disheveled Goddess who, from this outfit, looks like she took inspiration from a vintage linen Clearance Sale and the Association of Golden Grandmothers' year-ender campaign, make-a-cape project - wandering the premises of her natural habitat: shopping centers.

Whenever I lay my eyes on the Olsen twins, like, most especially MARY KATE, I just feel like, say, taking a very long and hot shower or maybe try to understand something like...the science of astronomy or maybe politics. Or maybe Lady GaGa for that matter.

Which is why I am really, really confused with this entire get-up because this just feels like a bad marriage of Country Living Home Furniture and something that your elderly relative would most likely wear on a grocery trip for the family's thanksgiving dinner. AND WHEN SHE FINALLY DECIDES to throw all that grungy old momma feel out OF the window, she comes up with something like this:


There's a BIG possibility that the other little Olsen twin is hidden under that multitude layer of bath robes (which is like, most possibly mugged out from a New York City beggar OR MAYBE from the wardrobe set of Annie).

Believe me. I am usually right with my predictions.


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