Monday, April 12, 2010

Haven't you heard?

...that they already released the movie trailer for Sex & The City 2?!?!?

Because I haven't! Hahaha. Just lately. And I love it! Miley Cyrus will be doing a cameo for this, and I can't even wait for the fashion!

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Part one helped me get my ass up off the couch and face an absolutely unimaginable searing weather for last semester's enrollement, which also meant that I had to stand the torture of heat prick and ridicule for having awfully flaked skin decorticating off my entire body. And I endured the suffering! I SURVIVED! All because I wanted to go out and walk, and walk, and walk, and bring a coffee tumbler with me, and a really huge bag, and then I'd wear shades, and talk to strangers, and do something really, really stupid just like what all of them do in Hollywood teen flicks, and walk, walk, and walk again, and feel like I'm in New York!

Don't you just love that feeling? Part one was an inspiration!! But since a fraction out of part 2 will be shot in Abu Dhabi, which, according to my imagination, is like a hot, humid, far-flung country where the sun hangs up in there like a dead thing without mercy (something which I really, really frown about), I'm not really sure if I'd like to imagine myself in there.

But I don't know. It looks like a great place! The wide stretch of sand in that field is perfect for sand castles and deep holes where I could bury some people. :) Whatchu think?


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