Thursday, April 29, 2010

Siobhan, Siobhan. So long Siobhan.

Eccentric voice glass breaker Siobhan Magnus left Idol after she got booted out from the show's 9th season, leaving the crowd panting for breath with her kickass farewell performance of "Think".

I actually don't understand why she got booted out. All the judges were all out on their praises, and I was quite certain with the thought that she has a lot of supporters.

My Siobhan, I really liked you. You were always unpredictable. You caused major damage to my eardrums once when you released all your deep-rooted anger in the world as you spiked up that tune in "Paint it Black".

I got scared. I hid under the blanket, but that's how I like it. Getting scared. Hiding under the blanket. You were the only one who dare pose on the stage with a mid-cuff length gypsy skirt, grunge-out top made of curtains, and studded shoulder straps that looked like it was morbidly abducted from a poor backpack. So why didn't everybody like you? Don't they realize how hardcore you are? Haven't they heard this?

I wish they did. And I wish they all voted for you. You were quite off-key when you started but it blew me off my chair when you started to scream.

Maybe Simon would help you build up your own record. :)


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