Thursday, April 29, 2010

Remembering Mia

Not like she's dead. LOL. I just feel like remembering her right now. She's been oceans away from here, she's quite busy with work, and I haven't had contact with her since that last time when she fervently threw me a tear-jerking episode of some drama worthy of an audience's applause. You know, it's been quite a while. So yeuh, I guess I could much possibly say without any doubts of a flying fuck that wutdahell, I miss her.

I really don't know where ELSE is this coming from because it could always be given that distance and time apart would certainly provide a longing feeling for people you haven't seen for a lengthy time. I am not likely to long for people whom I could still catch up with or are still physically present in my life.

I guess I just miss her comfort. I miss how we would talk about things without having unseen barriers in front of us. I remember how I would ALWAYS feel perfectly comfortable sharing anything and EVERYTHING to her without being judged, without being reprimanded, and without being interrupted from all emotional epilogue of my life's own drama anthology. Simplier said, she's always there to hand me down my thunder, and she never steals it from me.

I guess I am just longing for someone who could make me feel equally as comfortable for me to load off all hurt and pain of a delinquent teenaged life just as how she used to make me feel. I am longing for someone whom I could just cry to without having to do any explanations and would automatically make me stretch my lips for some good heartfelt laugh. It just works wonders for people to have someone whom they can always count on, cry on, depend on, especially at times when you just feel like your world is falling apart.

I miss those times when we would just slump back in front of one long-necked bottle of some cheap alcoholic drink, stripped away from all glam and glitz of clothes and pampering, crying as we share stories to each other, and just pray that neither of us would have to crawl back to the room where we would sleep. Huuuuh, the days...

I just miss a lot about her...

And it's so sad that she's not around now - particularly now - that I need her.

(insert drumrolls here for drama ending)

Man, can I get any more irritatingly emotional than this???? *Rolls eyes and inserts four fingers in my throat* GAAAAAAH!!! Hahahahahahahaha.


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