Tuesday, April 27, 2010

EPIC WIN! Marian Rivera and Manny Pacquiao team up!!!


Marian Rivera and Manny Pacquiao teaming up for a Scrabble game against Jake Cuenca and Gerald Anderson was the craziest celebrity bashing fiber that I have EVER encountered in the ENTIRE nineteen years of my existence. So this is how it went:

Below, according to the original author of this said "scrabble", is a screenshot of the game between Jake and Gerald - who, also according to the author, were laughing and joking as they took turns to complete the challenge. The game was said to be "an outlet" for the two young stars to express themselves through words and it was rather considered as "relaxing" for they both just took it easy.

Jake Cuenca and Gerald Anderson Play Scrabble


Meanwhile, below is the result of the scrabble game between Marian and Manny, who, unlike Jake and Gerald, were more serious and attached with the game's flow. According to the author, there were a couple of times when they threw out complains and bursted out in sudden tears as they were faced with dire frustration. Marian, irritated with the reporter's incessant questioning, blurted this out in utter conviction: "Nampucha! Pati paglalaro namin ng Iskrebol pinakikialaman ng gagong ‘to.

Here is Marian and Manny's Scrabble output:

Marian Rivera and Manny Pacquiao's Iskreybol output

I died.

(Via: Good Times Manila)


...crickette... said...

hilarious! "HELLER"

Rolly Marcial said...

@Crickette: Hahaha I know! Meron pa ngang "FROTS" and "PINPAL". Hahahhahahaha

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