Friday, April 30, 2010

GARAGE Magazine April/May 2010

Lo and behold, Sam Milby - gracing the cover of Garage Magazine's April/May 2010 issue - in a twisted take on the rough and tough and...wild? cowboy image.

Animal-printed belt? Denim-on-denim? Cowboy ankle boots paired with pink socks? What do you think? YAY or NAY?


Meanwhile, for Sam Milby's supposed "horse" to complete that cowboy look, here's one major bandwagon to serve as a makeshift for the old-aged standard horseshoe:

Now that's fierce.


Official Music Video of PYRAMID - Charice feat. Iyaz

Whoever started the rumor that Charice Pempengco has landed the role for Pikachu in the newest Pokemon remake shall choke on this.

Now am I really this amazed??? Because not so long ago, I would see her working that little young rear-end together with stoney-eyed, constipated looking children for an instant noodle song and dance commercial, BUT NOW THIS?? You mean, THIS FAR??

Gaaawd, I am so proud of her!!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Remembering Mia

Not like she's dead. LOL. I just feel like remembering her right now. She's been oceans away from here, she's quite busy with work, and I haven't had contact with her since that last time when she fervently threw me a tear-jerking episode of some drama worthy of an audience's applause. You know, it's been quite a while. So yeuh, I guess I could much possibly say without any doubts of a flying fuck that wutdahell, I miss her.

I really don't know where ELSE is this coming from because it could always be given that distance and time apart would certainly provide a longing feeling for people you haven't seen for a lengthy time. I am not likely to long for people whom I could still catch up with or are still physically present in my life.

I guess I just miss her comfort. I miss how we would talk about things without having unseen barriers in front of us. I remember how I would ALWAYS feel perfectly comfortable sharing anything and EVERYTHING to her without being judged, without being reprimanded, and without being interrupted from all emotional epilogue of my life's own drama anthology. Simplier said, she's always there to hand me down my thunder, and she never steals it from me.

I guess I am just longing for someone who could make me feel equally as comfortable for me to load off all hurt and pain of a delinquent teenaged life just as how she used to make me feel. I am longing for someone whom I could just cry to without having to do any explanations and would automatically make me stretch my lips for some good heartfelt laugh. It just works wonders for people to have someone whom they can always count on, cry on, depend on, especially at times when you just feel like your world is falling apart.

I miss those times when we would just slump back in front of one long-necked bottle of some cheap alcoholic drink, stripped away from all glam and glitz of clothes and pampering, crying as we share stories to each other, and just pray that neither of us would have to crawl back to the room where we would sleep. Huuuuh, the days...

I just miss a lot about her...

And it's so sad that she's not around now - particularly now - that I need her.

(insert drumrolls here for drama ending)

Man, can I get any more irritatingly emotional than this???? *Rolls eyes and inserts four fingers in my throat* GAAAAAAH!!! Hahahahahahahaha.

Siobhan, Siobhan. So long Siobhan.

Eccentric voice glass breaker Siobhan Magnus left Idol after she got booted out from the show's 9th season, leaving the crowd panting for breath with her kickass farewell performance of "Think".

I actually don't understand why she got booted out. All the judges were all out on their praises, and I was quite certain with the thought that she has a lot of supporters.

My Siobhan, I really liked you. You were always unpredictable. You caused major damage to my eardrums once when you released all your deep-rooted anger in the world as you spiked up that tune in "Paint it Black".

I got scared. I hid under the blanket, but that's how I like it. Getting scared. Hiding under the blanket. You were the only one who dare pose on the stage with a mid-cuff length gypsy skirt, grunge-out top made of curtains, and studded shoulder straps that looked like it was morbidly abducted from a poor backpack. So why didn't everybody like you? Don't they realize how hardcore you are? Haven't they heard this?

I wish they did. And I wish they all voted for you. You were quite off-key when you started but it blew me off my chair when you started to scream.

Maybe Simon would help you build up your own record. :)

The Zoo Animal says NO to Plastic Surgery

Talk about giving good examples. Heidi Montag in a new Funny or Die video, I love it! It is just so...HER!

Heidi Montag's Mom is Pissed

Okay, so a coupla days ago they finally aired the first few episodes of the last season of The Hills, and this is where the "reality show" would finally reveal how everybody really felt about Heidi Montag's round the bend of a plastic surgery.

Unsurprisingly, Momma Montag went all bats in the belfry as her half-baked douchebag of a daughter knocked on their house door and looked just exactly like how much of an empty can of of a person she is before but with a completely brand new packaging. When she asked her mom if she looked good and her mom just gave her a sigh, she went all wack.

Meanwhile, here's a video of her interview roughly a month ago after she slightly recovered from her Frankenstein surgery.

"God created me. And God created Dr. Frank Ryan. Maybe God gave me extra because He knew what I would be doing with the career and blessing me with such a great doctor."

"I actually feel very plastic."

"If Cleopatra were alive now, I'm sure she'd also have triple D's."

"Before I wouldn't smile on red carpet because I had Jay Leno chin and when I smile they get elongated."



Wednesday, April 28, 2010

BREAKING NEWS!!! Lindsay Lohan has AIDS?!?!?!

(via PerezHilton) HOLY BOILING HAIRY VAGINA BATMAN KETTLE!!! Is this for real!??!?!?!!? Daddy Lohan announcing to over millions of twitter audiences that her daughter has HIV virus, is inflicted with AIDS, and that she hooked up with music mogul Tommy Mottola when she was 17?!?!?!?!?!

(Photo source and story via Perez Hilton)

I am AGAIN speechless. Or maybe I just ran out of words and swung my head across the borders of my blogorrhea sickness again. But really now, this is very, very sad. As if it was bad enough that she acquired the virus and it was EMBLAZONED all over the internet, the fact still stands that it was HER FATHER who proliferated such act and opened it out to mainstream consciousness. I couldn't imagine something like this happening to me and MY GOD, please forbid.

Lindsay now has some heavy retorts, but is rather calmed down (I actually expected that she would pull out a Britney-Spears-smashing-cars-with-an-umbrella act) : “He’s a grown man and has done the exact same things on TV/interviews, [so] why wouldn’t he lie on Twitter, and everywhere else! He just wants money – and he’s using me, my name, my status, my mother, brothers and sister for the cash to pay for [another] wedding.“

Albeit a circulation of new information has been going on round the internet that Michael J. Lohan's account was just hacked, nobody really believed the poor man (except for his lawyers, ofcourse) and I still think this would take a while before everything settles down.

Paul Smith Fall 2010 Collection

Old news, dork. The fashion show for the Paul Smith Fall 2010 collection has long been overdue and it was just now that I have been reminded to put on file this overly elapsed blog post for a huge assemblage of wardrobe candy.

The collection was an extensive array of formal to semi-formal workday apparel which consisted of a balanced fuse of fiery colors and under toned shades. Everything was superbly kickass! The loud colors were creatively infused with calming hues of washed gray and solid black to polish every look into dandy perfection; perfect for the British gentlemen of the imposed "dose of rebel style" by Mr. Smith himself. Now is it just me or do we all see Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl sporting this in his daily schtick of bikini chase?

Or maybe Johnny Depp? Or was it the models?

Ferosha. Stickbuild. And Cheekbones! Perfect!

This brightness of peacock blue is definitely one good way to express fashion passion and corporate affluence.

The Chuck Bass look.

Hot Pink and Dark Plum, Loveit!

(Photo source: GQ)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Vanessa Hudgens in BEASTLY: Official Trailer

So, as I was AGAIN dealing with my customary drills of hippity hopping around your beloved info highway, I stumbled upon this:

The Official HD Trailer for Vanessa Hudgens' BEASTLY - sort of like a modern-day retelling of Beauty and the Beast but MIND YOU, the witch here is the disheveled goddess from right under your sofa bed MARY KATE OLSEN and mercy, why she's so fierce!

Meanwhile, could this picture serve as a profound manifestation that Vanessa Hudgens and co-star Alex Pettyfer are actually PETRIFIED???

And is this because of your disheveled witch Mary Kate?

Is it because it seems like she lost all of her hair in this next picture as she took in the process of pulling out dynamic efforts to look equally as DISHEVELED as Helena Bonham Carter??

Is it because THEY KNEW RIGHT AWAY that she would be a MAJOR SUCCESS in hopes of looking like a DISORDERED, more bagged out look of Helena Bonhan Carter in this next picture???

Are they to blame? Do they really get scared in real life?

Could they be possibly thinking that Mary Kate Olsen is actually a living proof of a grubby midget reincarnation of Helena Bonham Carter?? And am I actually feeling that I am most likely to get a nightmare tonight??

Do I NOW really HAVE to get SCARED?

EPIC WIN! Marian Rivera and Manny Pacquiao team up!!!



Marian Rivera and Manny Pacquiao teaming up for a Scrabble game against Jake Cuenca and Gerald Anderson was the craziest celebrity bashing fiber that I have EVER encountered in the ENTIRE nineteen years of my existence. So this is how it went:

Below, according to the original author of this said "scrabble", is a screenshot of the game between Jake and Gerald - who, also according to the author, were laughing and joking as they took turns to complete the challenge. The game was said to be "an outlet" for the two young stars to express themselves through words and it was rather considered as "relaxing" for they both just took it easy.

Jake Cuenca and Gerald Anderson Play Scrabble


Meanwhile, below is the result of the scrabble game between Marian and Manny, who, unlike Jake and Gerald, were more serious and attached with the game's flow. According to the author, there were a couple of times when they threw out complains and bursted out in sudden tears as they were faced with dire frustration. Marian, irritated with the reporter's incessant questioning, blurted this out in utter conviction: "Nampucha! Pati paglalaro namin ng Iskrebol pinakikialaman ng gagong ‘to.

Here is Marian and Manny's Scrabble output:

Marian Rivera and Manny Pacquiao's Iskreybol output

I died.

(Via: Good Times Manila)

Louis Vuitton Spring / Summer 2010 Men's Loafers

Hi. Does anybody know where I could get, like, a student loan? Which is particularly aiming to extend funds for HIGHLY CONSIDERABLE AND NECESSARY student needs, such as, uhh say - shoes? (?!?!?!)

Louis Vuitton 2010 catalogue

Louis Vuitton Imola Moccasin in Taiga Leather: COVET!!!

Louis Vuitton Hockenheim Moccasin in Grained Calf Leather: ESSENTIAL!!!

Louis Vuitton Monte Carlo Moccasin in Crocodile Leather: SCHOOL SHOES!!!

Louis Vuitton San Marino Moccasin in Extra Calf Leather: MAJOR HOTS!!!

If you happen to take hold of any information regarding my abovementioned request, kindly reach me through my e-mail as soon as possible. It's urgent. Thank you.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Nikki Gil auditions for GLEE

I'm excited! I really hope she gets in!!

Nikki Gil singing "True Colors" for her audition tape for Glee! I really, really wish she could get in! I would have more reasons to watch the show, and HOPEFULLY the show's executives would, TOO, have more reasons to cut off Rachel out of TOO MANY SOLOS. UGH. Ppl give chance to Mercedes! Let her release her innah Beyonce! It's been DYING to crack off from that thick shell! LOL.

After all, I believe Nikki's got more charms to pull out of that BIG HAIR more than Lea Michele could.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday Night Cravings


Gucci Leather T Bar Sandals with Ankle Buckle Straps

Gucci Floral Silk Bottoms. Perfect for the beach!
(Gucci runway photos from Vogue UK)

and last but not the least...


Thursday, April 22, 2010

I told you JEJEMONS, you have to change.

The day has come. They are everywhere. And I was at my MOST ALARMED STATE EVER this morning when I found out that people from the higher office as well as the presidential candidates have started to become equally as agitated and alerted by the profuse evidence spreading all over the country regarding the Jejemon schemes for conspiracy, hence this video:

You heard it. Now we shall all be forewarned for they are now circulating all over our beloved social networking sites and their jejemon schemes are beating the high drums for a plot that will turn FACEBOOK into pFeSzXBvYuOcKxz and worse, BLOGGER into bVL@GgUeRr.

They are spreading like killer cellphone radiation, unmistakably dangerous, albeit a promise from another presidentiable has been photographed early on just in time before this group of newly bred people can strike sudden mayhem out of this once jejemon-free country:

Gibo, You are OUR president. You are exactly what we NEED. I told them all JEJEMONS once that there is HOPE under a good presidency. Although I am not yet very certain if I would place my vote for you, not because I am in a scruple of doubts toward your capability of sending back the jejemons to elementary school, but I even a registered voter??

SO ANYWAY, after I literally trembled in fear that I might actually be developing a tendency to become a youngjejemonskie in training (good heavens forbid) since I have been too struck out of their INCOMPREHENSIBLE ways of typing, I realized that, JEJEMONS indeed are actually quite creative. Read on:
  • aQcKuHh - me/ako
  • lAbqCkyOuHh - I love you
  • yuHh - you
  • jAjaJa - garbled words conveying laughter
  • jeJejE - a variation of jAjaJa; conveys sly laughter
  • iMiszqcKyuH - I miss you
  • eEoW pFhUeEhsxz - hi/hello po
(Word translations from TJs Daily)

Although they exude a rather GROTESQUE sense of creativity, I would still say my brace of bolster would go for the benefit of the Jejebusters of this world. I just want peace and prosperity in this country and I believe that a Jejemon elimination program for the PHILIPPINES would be an EXCELLENT starting platform for the soon-to-be elected president.

But still, WE ALL HAVE TO BE CAREFUL. THEY ARE DANGEROUS. Isn't it THREATENING to you whenever you receive unfamiliar text messages like hEyYsZ,,!,,mHeYrh00wN pHowSz kEu hLLOWwDdzs.??.,,ajejejeje. because seriously I get terrified just by hearing jejes screaming at the top of their lungs. So please, people. BE CAREFUL. Again, don't tell me I didn't warn you.

I have a MAJOR concern


Dear reader,

I have been feeling this feeling for a lengthy period of time that SOMETHING IN MY LIFE IS COMPLETELY MISSING RIGHT NOW and for the longest years I could not decipher on which way shall I place my brain to think; for me to be able to target that particular "missing thing" that never failed to remind me that, indeed, there is an emptiness somewhere in the middle of my heart.

I now know what it is.

(Photo source: The Dandy Project)

Christian Louboutin Freddy flat and Rollerball shoes

Isn't this heart warming THAT AT LEAST I NOW KNOW WHAT EXACTLY IS IT THAT IS MISSING IN ALL THOSE RAMPING EPISODES OF MY LIFE??? Believe me I teared by the gallon after seeing this!

Santa, you heard my concern. You know what to do.


It's all over the news. This is really scary.

CNN News just uploaded this video on their website and it is very, very, VERY alarming that an earthquake would most likely hit Manila after it wrought havoc in Haiti.

The most devastating thing to hear now is that after a total of 16 well-reviewed recommendations on how to make Manila safer, the experts still had no response from any of those. To think they are actually expecting a 7.2 magnitude earthquake to strike the city.

God I am SERIOUSLY scared. I am not closely situated anywhere near Manila but HELLO, this is a rather MAJOR concern not just for myself but for the greater scope of the entire city. I have majority of all relatives and a good bunch of really, really close friends who live there. I just hope this won't go anywhere near a tragedy.

Let us all pray that God won't let this happen to our country.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Queen of all Mothers celebrates

First it was the Earth Hour.

(Photo credit: Green Marketing)

Everybody has been seemingly taking part in joining activities that concern the Earth, and a wide range of choices about which way to help and preserve Mother Earth has been left available for the public to engage themselves in.

Well honestly, I have never been very discerning about what might possibly take place if we wouldn't stop destroying this abode, but since ALMOST THE ENTIRE GLOBE has been incessantly complaining about the effects of global warming, the quality of the majority of our natural environment slowly plummeting, and I, on the other hand, am suffering out of each and every day of being oven-baked everytime I take a little stroll outside our home, then maybe I shall AT LEAST be able to extend the most humble ways of trying to help preserve Mother Earth.

We could start with little steps by trying to tweak our shopping list a little bit. LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics have been a constant favorite ever since I was in elementary school. I would always remember how I would smell the scent of their branch in Glorietta 4 while I was 7-10 meters away from their store. The products are very lovely, colorful, and very eye-catching.

The company is undeniably Mother Earth friendly, meaning they do not use preservatives, they rarely use plastic bottles for packaging, and majority of their products are all natural. 67% of the products they sell are "naked" or packaging-free, something which would be of the Earth's very advantage because there would be less product waste heading into the accumulating mountains of garbage.

How I miss LUSH products! Everybody's really taking part, even Starbucks:

You will be having a P40 discount off the original price of any drink they serve when you use your Starbucks tumbler.

And grocery stores, too, are encouraging everyone to use the green canvass bag instead of the usual plastic ones. It could help save the environment, too. :)

Rise of The Jejemons

As if all those abnormal, uncommon, bizarre, and very, very threatening videos of kids from all over the globe were just enough to cut me short from breathing, here comes yet again another EPIC that finally did it.

I believe the year 2010 certified the birth of all Jejemons in this world.

.,,gR@veH pOh tUhL@ga.,,!..aND@mii 2x. nUh pOwHz 3H.,,ajejejeje.
_+/(o.O)/+_❤。 ◕‿◕。(◕^^◕)

People, stop me.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What's in store for my boob tube?

I really don't know if Kim Kardashian really had the balls to pull out an act like this or she was just forced in exchange of a permanent stint in PCD shows in Vegas.

PETA again has been on the fury road after seeing this picture posted on Kim's twitter account after a recent photoshoot. This was their statement:

"Kim Kardashian isn't the only person who mistakenly thinks that because a mother cat picks up her kittens by the scruff of the neck that a supportive hand under the rump isn't needed."

Duh? You don't expect Kim Kardashian to understand any of what you said. Try telling that to Kim Catrall instead.


Okay, hold a second right there. This is me in my full-fledged over-devoted jologs self. You have to understand that, this being a very active alter-ego of mine, I will need to get a handle on some things that are equally as jologs as I am but believe me this one has got a swish of grand! Really! Okay so here it goes:

Gretchen Barretto and Bea Alonzo in Magkaribal. Together with Derek Ramsey.

I am not so sure if I shall get all giddy with the cast but...BUT....can you just drop this off without being reminded that if there is one thing to consider in this show, it would be the FAAAAAAAH-SHIIIIOOOOON?!?!? First time Philippines has ever produced a series like this!!!! Claudine Barretto's Iisa Pa Lamang would come a close second, but I'm sure this would be more fashionable! Now I'm getting all giddy about it. Loveit!


Anyhoodle, speaking of TV stars, here's another overrated figure I permanently DISGORGED out of my human system right after I barged out of my yuppie years. A graph for the ever famous lakwacherang negra of daytime television. You should see this Dora. Maybe you should consider new career choices. It's never too late.


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