Wednesday, April 14, 2010

25 Random Things About Me

1. I was born on the 13th of September 1990 at exactly 10 on a Monday morning at the St. Luke's Hospital in E. Rodriguez. For the record, I have had abounding Friday the 13ths in my life, and contrary to popular belief, I never bought into the idea that these days were cursed.

2. My real name is Rolando Varquez Marcial, Jr. IKR? Shut up.

3. I grew up in the popping breadths of lively Manila where I stayed for 13 years since I was born. After I graduated from grade school, we moved to Davao City, which is like, a neck away from the woods (?) But city life was fantastic!

4. Growing up, I always looked like a full-figured batang Batibot. When I was young and fat, I looked like Jollibee, and when I am caught in my happiest moments, they said I looked like the Yahoo Messenger logo.

5. When I was a kid, I was the die-hard you-don't-ever-mess-up-with-my-idols type of fan to the Spice Girls. The Backstreet Boys were equally as phenomenal to my life. I would write really long fan-mails in the normal 1st grade crooked English fashion and I'd ask them to come over to the Philippines and visit me at my house - because I was badly needed to be taken care of.

6. At the same age, I memorized practically every remarkable line in the movie Titanic, and when we play Agawan Base in our school field, I would imagine myself struggling to fight my way through angry waters where I had to save people before the entire ship sank.

7. Do you know the short poem, "One, two, buckle my shoe. Three, four, knock at the door. Five, six, pick up sticks. Seven, eight, lay them straight. Nine, ten, a BIG fat hen!"? My mom told me that was the first poem I was able to perfectly recite at age 2.

8. Just like everyone else, I also had my rockstar moment. At a small church event way back in the 90's, I belted out an Alanis Morissette single. With matching papikit pikit pa. I was 7 years old then.

9. At third grade, I noticed my bus mate's water jug was filled LOADED CONGESTED with an army of chunky red ants. I was the most disgusted of the crowd. When I asked him about the ants, he told me that they helped enhance voice quality. The next day, I filled my water jug with ants.

10. Before our family driver of 12 years turned over from service due to old age, he confronted me with a long time secret he had religiously kept over his years of loyalty. He told me that he saw five black dwarfs playing baby rattles as they surrounded my crib when I was 3 months old. Obviously, he freaked the HELL out of me, and never did I EVER talk to him again. EVER.

11. Since the now-defunct soap opera Mara Clara took the entire functional organs out of each and every living Filipino by storm, I would then enjoy doing role plays with my yaya of the said show. Of course, I played Clara - the villain, the less compromised bitch of the game, and the epitome of all beauty and excess. I liked it that way. At one particular point while we were watching tv, Gladys Reyes (Clara) flipped over a tub full of water (where Judy Ann Santos / Mara was washing her clothes) right in front of Mara's face. So come afternoon I got into character. I did the same thing to my Yaya.

12. After hearing all of my classmates effortlessly conversing in Bisaya on my first day of school in Davao, I ran to the CR, cried like I was a bullied third grader, and locked myself in the cubicle for half an hour. That was unforgettable.

13. I have a tight polygamous relationship with accessories. I can't stick to just one piece of accessory worn on a certain outfit, which is why I developed a tendency to stack on too many pieces and end up looking like an overloaded Christmas Tree.

14. I believe I have an undiagnosed case of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). My friends couldn't agree more.

15. My family and I are active members of the Iglesia Ni Cristo. Although I look like I'm dying to suck the lard out of you and replenish my body with your STD-infested blood, I am actually a very religious person. :)

16. At one pathetic point in my life, I miserably fell in love, thought I was too fat too be taken seriously, and that my unparalleled sense of friendliness brought me to no advantage at all. So I went to the gym, decided to overhaul myself, and two months after I lost 20 pounds. IKR?

17. Although I THOUGHT I have already been "in love", I have never EVER been in a serious committed relationship yet EVER. You heard me.

18. I rarely brush my hair. At several different points in my life, I had a steady bad hair moment for a week, looked like a stray cat did all my hair styling, or that I looked like I slid myself into my school uniform right after I woke up without taking a shower.

19. After watching Jumanji, I opened one of my board games and expected something to happen. After watching Toy Story, I stopped talking to my toy friends.

20. All my life, I've been enrolled in different universities and academic institutions that were all lorded over by either priests or by nuns. The only school I got enrolled in which was not ran by priests nor nuns was at the Community of Learners in New Manila, E. Rodriguez - the only school (that my brain scope could possibly cover) that did not allow us to eat chips nor consume any carbonated drinks. That was, for me, quite difficult to deal with.

21. I have never ever tasted crabs, clams, mussels, prawns, lobsters, or any other giant sea animals ridiculously shelled with colorful armors that look like they could rip off the skin of an elephant. I'm allergic. (Stop telling me that I have missed half of my life okay because apparently I get to eat people and yours were just CRABS!!!!)

22. I like talking to myself. One time I got dead bored I started blurting out memorized spiels of a music video countdown (yes, just like what VJs do in MYX, MTV, and Channel V). And when I cry, I usually cry in front of a mirror. I know. I'm hardcore crazy like that.

23. I have the biggest tendencies to really, really like Disney people. But it would be most appreciated if you can shut up about it.

24. I'm insomniac. I can stay up until 10am the next morning without feeling sleepy. I'm dead serious about it, and usually whenever I see the sun shine from the bathroom window, I go outside and sing Good Morning Baltimore from Hairspray.

25. For some reason, I love reading law-based books. I love to imagine, and I really really wanted to take up law although that could like kill me before I turn 23 so I decided to go into a business-related course instead. I have read almost all of John Grisham's books, and his books never really failed to fascinate me. :)


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very witty :) (and seriously funny) can't erase the smile on my face while reading this :)

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