Thursday, April 22, 2010

I told you JEJEMONS, you have to change.

The day has come. They are everywhere. And I was at my MOST ALARMED STATE EVER this morning when I found out that people from the higher office as well as the presidential candidates have started to become equally as agitated and alerted by the profuse evidence spreading all over the country regarding the Jejemon schemes for conspiracy, hence this video:

You heard it. Now we shall all be forewarned for they are now circulating all over our beloved social networking sites and their jejemon schemes are beating the high drums for a plot that will turn FACEBOOK into pFeSzXBvYuOcKxz and worse, BLOGGER into bVL@GgUeRr.

They are spreading like killer cellphone radiation, unmistakably dangerous, albeit a promise from another presidentiable has been photographed early on just in time before this group of newly bred people can strike sudden mayhem out of this once jejemon-free country:

Gibo, You are OUR president. You are exactly what we NEED. I told them all JEJEMONS once that there is HOPE under a good presidency. Although I am not yet very certain if I would place my vote for you, not because I am in a scruple of doubts toward your capability of sending back the jejemons to elementary school, but I even a registered voter??

SO ANYWAY, after I literally trembled in fear that I might actually be developing a tendency to become a youngjejemonskie in training (good heavens forbid) since I have been too struck out of their INCOMPREHENSIBLE ways of typing, I realized that, JEJEMONS indeed are actually quite creative. Read on:
  • aQcKuHh - me/ako
  • lAbqCkyOuHh - I love you
  • yuHh - you
  • jAjaJa - garbled words conveying laughter
  • jeJejE - a variation of jAjaJa; conveys sly laughter
  • iMiszqcKyuH - I miss you
  • eEoW pFhUeEhsxz - hi/hello po
(Word translations from TJs Daily)

Although they exude a rather GROTESQUE sense of creativity, I would still say my brace of bolster would go for the benefit of the Jejebusters of this world. I just want peace and prosperity in this country and I believe that a Jejemon elimination program for the PHILIPPINES would be an EXCELLENT starting platform for the soon-to-be elected president.

But still, WE ALL HAVE TO BE CAREFUL. THEY ARE DANGEROUS. Isn't it THREATENING to you whenever you receive unfamiliar text messages like hEyYsZ,,!,,mHeYrh00wN pHowSz kEu hLLOWwDdzs.??.,,ajejejeje. because seriously I get terrified just by hearing jejes screaming at the top of their lungs. So please, people. BE CAREFUL. Again, don't tell me I didn't warn you.


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