Saturday, April 3, 2010

Yes! That's Adam Carolla on the red corner.

Do I really have to get shocked? I have always seen this coming. If not behind the back of their heads, it could be on some serious public bashing. Just like this:

Radio Comedian Adam Carolla badmouths this country's prized legend Manny Pacquaio, and as early as now I see a bloody face-off between Carolla and this entire nation. Like serious.

Here are some of his foul comments:
  • That all this country has is a fucking idiot like Manny Pacquaio who smashes other guys' heads for a living and all our countrymen are very proud of him that we're even pushing Manny to run for congress.
  • That there is nothing else going on in this country that's why all we talk about is Manny Pacquaio.
  • That the Philippines is a country of whores, sex workers, and prostitutes.

Honestly, the whole Manny-Pacquaio-taking-over-his-political-ambition is one big indecisive step for the boxer. Let's shrug that off this time and at least come at peace with the fact that he is not even running for anything now. And as to you, Mr. Carolla, you have a point. But being funny and being racist are two different things. We understand that we are at the bud of your joke today but you have crossed beyond your boundary and you are pinning this foul-image of the Philippines all across your country. This is not even funny. You could never measure up to a model comedian just by parading your dirty mouth antics and forcing people to laugh out of your deflated, fucked-up take on fun.

And yes, Mr. Carolla, it has never been a surprise. Manny Pacquiao speaks crooked English, cries out and puts up a face worthy of a heartfelt laugh in his victory shots, and is one big bite out of an illiterate bunch who worked hard round-the-clock for a living. We know that. But he took boxing seriously, was shaped not by the glossy span of your high-end, United States education but by the whips and blows of living a hard-knock life. And YES, he has made millions of bucks out of that bloody smashing you call "the only thing he's got", if you must mind.

Now you, Mr. Carolla, would kneel down on your castrated balls and cry blood out of your droopy eyes as they slap you with all of Pacquiao's money and hand you down your own pair of an eyebrow plucker. You must know when to make a funny joke and when to stop talking about things you know nothing about and assume that we will all vote for a meager boxing champion when he runs for congress because honestly we are not yet that crazy demmet!!!!!!!

I dare you to go to this country and I swear, we couldn't get any happier to chop off your head, tie it all around your own feet, and drag your entire body together with your rattling balls at the back of Manny Pacquaio's brand new Mercedes-Benz SLK. Go to hell!


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