Sunday, April 18, 2010

Where Politics & Bottled Water Companies meet

Have I AGAIN been tricked by another worn-out, overused marketing sales pitch? Because really, I have been all out on my stand that tap water is, well, quite dirty, like haven't you heard stories about 3-day old corpses thrown away into NAWASA water dam and then a couple of days after, they'd be found but have already lost a leg, an arm, a couple buckets of blood, or maybe an entire set of teeth? Which would normally bring me to become overly suspicious (read: paranoid) about tap water's sterility because as always projected, tap water is dangerous yes alright I've heard. Turns out, those sneaky double-dealing chieftains have again tailored another pathetic in-vogue conundrum. Ha! No brainer. And yes, I have again been tricked.

So anyway, I have found this on YouTube and apparently, in less than 10 minutes I am distinctly smarter than my 5th grade equivalent who, once upon a time, won over me in an inter-school quiz bee competition where I expected to win. So today, gradeschool bandit, I have learned that:
  • Companies scare us. By telling us that tap water is dirty, we would turn to bottled drinks for safety. Yes, tap water isn't dirty and their much treasured bottled drink also flew out of the kitchen's faucet.
  • Companies seduce us. They use rainforests and mountains and adam and eve, etc. to attract consumers to think that bottled water is fresh, all natural, clean, etc.
  • Companies mislead consumers. Drinking bottles are not usually recycled but rather DOWNCYCLED - meaning that these bottles are converted into inferior products and would soon be thrown away. The disposed bottles are also shipped and stacked into a mountain of the same bottles in India. Like, throwing your trash into your neighbor's backyard.
See? I knew my 5th grade rival would have never EVER thought about any of the abovementioned facts. NEVER EVER. Ha!


Just recently, SEN. JINGGOY ESTRADA stepped foot in front of a wailing crowd of supporters in a Cebu town rally and announced to vote presidential candidate GIBO TEODORO in case they would decide not to formally confer to his father, ex-President Joseph "ERAP" Estrada.

I really don't know if you and I are of the same wavelength for this matter but is this an imminent sign of defeat? Have all of them, from the Puwera Ng Masa group from which Erap is a presidential representative, confirmed that they have no foreseeable fair shake to win over other candidates?

Well, honestly and most probably, Erap would really have no fighting chance over the other hopefuls who, even at the earliest month of the year, have already displayed an inclination to take over the responsibility of leadership in this country. Leadership, such a big word, would rather sound to me like an elusive form of promise because as we all know it, from generations to generations we have been asked to sit in front of pseudo-elected leaders who have never really placed a good justice for this term. Either they are backed-up with a profuse number of political consultants or they are forced to act upon another country's leader's command.

If this country has once elected a leader who embodies principle, intelligence, good sense of leadership and a list of promising platforms but have never really accomplished a good deal nor be able to put this country under good leadership, then what more do we expect from an ex-President who has been convicted with counts of plunder, corruption, and perjury. And he expects us to buy into his over-strained take on Erap para sa Mahirap?? Well sir, this country needs more than just a stale promise. We have been through hell in your administration and back again into the arms of a manipulative road bitch. We don't want just another "good-hearted samaritan" who likes to help, because apparently that is merely a proportion out of our pie, not the entire requirement for a presidential candidate in general.

Having this in consideration, I strongly believe that that was a sign of giving up his race. Jinggoy Estrada knows for a fact that for a long list of reasons, the Filipino people would no longer vote for his dad. Maybe next time, but only for an acting award.


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