Thursday, April 1, 2010

Because it's unbelievably killing me!

Yes, it is. And what else could be killing me other than that stinging, scorching sun on a sticky Wednesday afternoon? It is the perfect lethal combo to elect if you are aiming for a steady headache, a waste of hair product, or probably the perfect time to literally beat eggs and cook your husband. In fact, had I been given the opportunity, I would gladly send out all them sneaky frenemies under that giant flaming ball sans water and all the fancy umbrellas, and wish they all feel the heat of my sweet revenge. That would be such effortless vendetta perfect for this summer vacay! Ei? Haha.

As what all of my friends know, I was never a fan of your full-bloom beach perfect weather of this summer. Which is why up to this very moment I still could hardly comprehend why, on that picture above, was I flatly situated on that thick spread of sand on a parching red afternoon. And as far as I could remember, when I made the decision to have my picture taken on that same spot, I wasn't drunk, on drugs (and never did), or in some sort of hallucination. Sorry I'm blabbing I just don't get the point. This picture even gives me odd memories of chickens broiled for a Sunday feast. Threatening. Ugh.

Those were the days when I thought looking tan and summer-y, with the benefit of bronzer and a little body oil from here and there, would help me pull out a leaner version, of, well, Zac Efron. AND I KNOW, before you react and give me ten reasons why I should go to hell, I wasn't really serious with that whole Zac Efron thing demmet and that would be the last time I would EVER, ever dream of one big ambitious delirium because, apparently, burning myself under that mad-flamed sun only made me look like some over strained construction worker. It was ugly, I never enjoyed it, and the sun-burn was life-changing. Serious.

On a rather serious note, let me just say....I HATE THIS KIND OF WEATHER and I cannot believe the heat these days. It is even beyond human capacity to stand one sweltering day after another, so the following days of suffering would be...unimaginable. Can't it be any cooler? Like, maybe rain for lunchtime? Seriously I'm getting dehydrated. This global warming thing is getting really serious these days and honestly I'm putting part of the blame to my half-baked pyromaniac friend, Krizia, who, even after my best efforts to keep all them lighters away from her, still figures out a winning action to burn things around her like plastic cups, chairs, toddlers, fallen hair, and other things within her reach. She has never listened to any of my advice, and I believe she has worsened this global warming thing. For counsel, prayers, or even death threats, you could reach her through here.

So for summer, aside from pushing through with this blog, I will stay away from all things hot, flaming, sizzling, and very, very tropical just like this oven country. Well, let me take that back. Maybe I could adjust for some HOT deserving exceptional. ;)


ANYSPATOODLES, speaking of HOT, I have seen this magazine cover at the grocery counter earlier today, and I thought it was stunning.

Maja Salvador for PREVIEW magazine, April 2010 issue. She has lean, long legs in here. Very zekzayy. What do you think?


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