Friday, April 16, 2010

Beyonce, can you handle this?

Dear Kid,

I died. I watched your three minute and a half lip-sync video and I died. Right after you shook your booty like you fenced in juice blender beneath your bottom end, HOLY BOILING VAGINA KETTLE I died again. I have died for so many times watching your video. YOU ARE AN EPIC. Who trained you? What's your name? Why ARE YOU LIKE THAT? Are you ILL? Are you in DENIAL ABOUT IT that's why YOU OCCASIONALLY FREAK OUT LIKE YOU WERE ELECTROCUTED BY a 1500 Megawatt high voltage reactor? Were you demoralized when you were younger? Do you have undiagnosed ADHD just like me?

Sorry for the sudden crash of questions. I AM JUST SO BOTHERED.

Best wishes,


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