Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sober Saturday Part II

It's been almost four months since the last time I passed out - like completely sucked up by alcohol. Blame that cold bubbly drink.

Fast forward present time and my subdued clear-headedness from alcohol is still as prevalent as ever. It feels so liberating to be able to constrain myself from temptation, as well as sticking up myself to the kind of change I swore of in front of the mirror. Well at least the most that I have gone so far was a sip out of a cup of gin. LOL.

So last Saturday, I took pictures instead of shots.

And I felt the moment. The moment when fresh Davao air crawled up my leg up to my UPPER-EST thigh. Haha. Imagine the comfort that women get from those PEKPEK shorts that I happen to have worn last weekend. LOLness.

Earlier that day was a bonding moment between Ada & I. So fun to have finally caught up with each other after sooo long! Food mixed with laughter is just the best! Best way to encourage you to chew your food well. Haha.

Too bad we weren't able to take good quality pictures from our date but thanks to a handy phone camera I was able to post pictures of us in my Twitter. I really, really, really had fun with her!!! I'll promise to post pictures from our next date when it happens! :)

It has been totally a crazy night for me and the rest of us! Krizia and Kat (not in pictures) have finally been in the same rooftop with an approximately 2-meter radius away from each other but keeping in mind how they have been on quite a rough patch for some time, it almost felt like a MIRACLE to even hear Katrina talking to her! Amazeballs!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Milan Fashion Week: Dsquared² Spring 2011

At first glance, my eyes wrapped up a squint and not soon after I drowned myself in envy, I literally wanted to grab my eyeballs out from their sockets and send it off to Milan Fashion Week.

Dsquared² racked up a successful fashion show that catered an explosion of bright colors and some little skin daring enough to give Zoolander a run for his money. Giving a much deserved glory for the signature Dsquared² swagger, the show encapsulated a tangle of retro, classic, and semi-formal silk wear that encouraged an up-beat vibe from the audience. Loves it!


Monday, June 21, 2010

Because my FIRST CLASS starts at 4pm

Man, I still can't believe this! For the first time EVER and for the longest time that I have been shedding tears of disbelief on a school printFUCKINGout, this one has definitely managed to shoot sparkle through my eyes. On my TTH schedule, my first class (read: first of a flying fuck class like can you ever believe this) starts at 4pm!!! AMAZEBALLS!!! For three straight years I always get the 7:45am class on my TTH sched and now I have been so blessed I could almost drown my head in a tub of boiling water! Sooo happy!!!

ANYTWERTLES, have any of you grasped the news of THE Charice Pempengco finally making it up on Glee? That she WILL BE REALLY SHARING A SPOTLIGHT with the brat-looking Lea Michele who also happens to have a Leno chin just like Montag's? This time, it's true. Screw that ex-manager's leak; Entertainment Weekly has already confirmed.

Meanwhile, as I hippity hopped the interwebs to murder time this morning, I landed on this. In fairness:

Odiba akala mo print ad? MAGKARIBAL, the first ever fashion teleserye in the history of Philippine television is starred by Gretchen Barretto, Bea Alonzo, Derek Ramsey, Erich Gonzales, and Enchong Dee. Philippine Fashion Industry's most-prized veteran, Angel Aquino, also plays her role as head of Vera Couture.

Wait, Vera what? Wang? Uck whatevs.

Enough of my guilty pinoy showbiz pleasure. So much of all that bogus it sometimes gets too discouraging. Gaaaah! NEXT!


Last Saturday, I had two very important itineraries on my list: First was Tita Lalaine Kim's Birthday celebration at the Kim's residence (which sometimes feels like I'm globe trotting some BAGAZILLION miles away from our home like I could finish a personal memoir in between breaks from the stoplight) and the other was Hyku Desesto's despedida at Brewery. To make it sound surprising, I DID NOT...DRINK...AGAIN.

My lovely friends from heaven dispatched a memorandum down here on earth asking me to please stay sober up to the last drop of control in my mortal body and so far mine hasn't been totally drained out yet so I guess I could still manage to shoo away from the liquid crack. On the next three weeks I might finally surrender but not right after a 3-month Serena van der Woodsen soul-searching escapade do you ever expect to mug down a glass of beer so for the mean time I'd say ughck to that.

I felt SOOOOO over-the-top-in-seventh-heaven thrilled to have finally spent time with Hyku after I resorted to being a no-show for ages! So with RK who almost wrestled me down after giving me some of her heartfelt hug which I have also missed so much terribly! Same with Tuesday (not in the picture)! I will definitely have to spend more time with these girls! Too bad THE Hyku Desesto will be soon scramming out off the city to sweep her ass all over Dubai and get herself a dream job. :( I just feel like I'm having this lucky horseshoe stuck up my asshole for having been able to set-up a date with her before she leaves. :)

After some picture-taking, we flit back to the Kim residence to, uhhm, get some more picture-taking! HaHa!

Judging by the pictures, it looks more like JieYeun's birthday, not her mom's. LOL.


My, this has been too loaded with pictures! Haha. Let's end it there. Until my next post! Ja!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Washday Wednesday

The only thing I hate the most about Wash Wednesdays is when it gets melting hot during the afternoon that sometimes you would automatically feel like skipping class. It is such a tussle to step foot on the school premises in your best wednesday outfit only to lose your poise soon after sweat starts dripping all over your body. Such a waste of make-up and hair product. Ughck.

So anyhoodles, come mid afty we went straight ahead to have early dinner (which we weren't able to take pictures of, sorry) and then off we headed to Draft Pick for some drinks. Afternoon drinks so I'm talking about light drinks. AND LET ME PLEASE TAKE NOTE THAT I DID NOT DRINK AND WAS AT MY STURDIEST EGO TO HAVE BEEN ABLE TO SAY HELL NO LET THAT FLY A FUCK AWAY FROM ME TO A GLASS OF BEER. Thankyouverymuch.

Not much pictures but I might be posting more soon. On my next adventure! Ja!

Back In The Arms of The Russell Lelis

So on a Saturday afternoon I went to a nearby shopping center to once again reunite with the Queen - Queen of all Ferocious Calamities and Mental Illness, that is.

She is the fiercest woman I have ever known so far; always keeping in mind how she launched a thousand ships just by simply spreading her legs apart as she did some mean throbbing of her left butt-cheek all at the same time. It's crazy how not a long time ago she's also been sentenced to live in prison all her life for the accusation of "castrating all the sailors who rode those ships that she has launched" when all she really did was pluck pubic hair from their groin area to add up to the hair of her worn-out Barbie doll.

Okay seriously, I just missed her so much. It's been a hundred million lightyears since the last time I ANIMALISTICALLY glared at her bloody red puckers that she used up as an instrument to seduce the "sailors who rode the thousand ships that she has launched" which happened "not a very long time ago".

As usual, I was late. Yes, I know. I'm such a dilatory retard who never makes it on time but wouldn't anyone be willing to wait so they could catch up with a friend who's been away to soul-search for his inner Serena van der Woodsen on a lifeless summer vacation? And for them to finally get to hug and caress and roundhouse-kick-his-face for not showing up for the longest time that has ever been recorded in the archives of social absence's history?? I mean I'm sure you would right? So anyway we had a FroYo together and went straight ahead to a coffee shop to catch up.

It was fun. And to cover up everything we did, we just took up pictures and made fun of each others' faces as we sat down on a cup of coffee and a couple of cigarettes on the table.

After Karl's, we went straight ahead to the Lelis residence to have dinner specially prepared by Russell's brother, Endrew. He was the sweetest! He cooked fried Bangus which had me terribly salivating for more for the days that followed! It was just the bestest fried Bangus I have ever had for dinner in the longest time of my life! Sweet!

The remainder of the time we had was spent mostly on laughing, taking pictures, laughing, tweeting each other even when we just shoulders apart, and some more heartfelt laughing. I will definitely have to spare some more time from schedule to simultaneously make up with thiiiis gorgeous friend of mine!

See you next week! I LOVE YOU TONS!!!

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