Monday, June 21, 2010

Because my FIRST CLASS starts at 4pm

Man, I still can't believe this! For the first time EVER and for the longest time that I have been shedding tears of disbelief on a school printFUCKINGout, this one has definitely managed to shoot sparkle through my eyes. On my TTH schedule, my first class (read: first of a flying fuck class like can you ever believe this) starts at 4pm!!! AMAZEBALLS!!! For three straight years I always get the 7:45am class on my TTH sched and now I have been so blessed I could almost drown my head in a tub of boiling water! Sooo happy!!!

ANYTWERTLES, have any of you grasped the news of THE Charice Pempengco finally making it up on Glee? That she WILL BE REALLY SHARING A SPOTLIGHT with the brat-looking Lea Michele who also happens to have a Leno chin just like Montag's? This time, it's true. Screw that ex-manager's leak; Entertainment Weekly has already confirmed.

Meanwhile, as I hippity hopped the interwebs to murder time this morning, I landed on this. In fairness:

Odiba akala mo print ad? MAGKARIBAL, the first ever fashion teleserye in the history of Philippine television is starred by Gretchen Barretto, Bea Alonzo, Derek Ramsey, Erich Gonzales, and Enchong Dee. Philippine Fashion Industry's most-prized veteran, Angel Aquino, also plays her role as head of Vera Couture.

Wait, Vera what? Wang? Uck whatevs.

Enough of my guilty pinoy showbiz pleasure. So much of all that bogus it sometimes gets too discouraging. Gaaaah! NEXT!


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