Monday, June 14, 2010

Dinner with THE IYA ROJAS

. . .and the rest of her barkada. LOL.

Last Wednesday, Iya Rojas gathered her immediate cluster of friends (which technically does not include me because I happen to belong to a separate branch of half-witted goobers but since I have been away for the LONGEST TIME like as far as you can ever imagine, I got hitched for a free dinner so LOLs on that HAHA) to assemble for a dinner celebration of her June 9 birthday.

AND NO, it wasn't that Iya has finally catapulted her girl-is-liberated image LIKE THAT WOULD EVER HAPPEN. As advised, the drinks, the girls-going-wild WITH their legs wide open, and the rest of the crazy birthday party antics will soon follow after a minor dispute has been settled. Wish them luck!

We went to BIGBY's.

Two other friends, Rolly and Danisa, skipped out immediately after dinner to rush back to classes. Boo on that cuz they weren't on the pictures. :(

It has been such a RUSH to have finally met up again with some of the people whom I haven't seen for the longest time! It felt over-the-top ecstatic! Also was a bonding moment with one of my closest friends, Ada Yamyamin, whom - in the days of the yore before I decided to get involved in a 3-month one-on-one date with myself - have already been soooo MISSING IN ACTION that it takes some life-long journey to unearth this little prima-donna from her secret sanctuary. We really had fun reuniting as we decamped into another cab to laugh our way off to the restaurant. Just imagine how we both giggled when we had it solo inside the cab. LOL.

Iya with Patrick the Boyfiiie

With Iya & Kayla.
And with thaaaaa BOYSSS

And thaaaa GIRLS

Will be posting more pics soon. Ja!


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