Monday, June 14, 2010

Nooka x Deviant Design Group Watch

Earlier today, as I browsed over the interwebs and landed on my favoritest men's fashion blog ever, I found this:

And I died.

"Nooka has teamed up with luxury jewelry designer, Deviant Design Group, in creating high valued Nooka watches. The custom design options for Nooka ZOT classic watch range from the addition of precious stones and diamonds, gold plating, inscription, unique strap materials, and special requests for even more personal styling.

The face plate on the ZOT classic was replaced with a 14K gold plate inscribed with the Nooka and DDG logo, while the exterior watch case is adorned with over 4 carats of SI1 F-G colored diamonds. Additionally, the piece received a rare white Crocodile strap. Similar upgrades and customizations will now be available starting at $2,500. Email for more information or a price quote." - From The South Sider.


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