Sunday, June 13, 2010


Not the movie, silly.

Last monday, I had the longest date EVER with THE JieYeun Kim in which we divulged over endless talk about her alarming interest on boys, rock bands, and boys from rock bands that somewhere in our conversation I badly fell asleep. LOLs on that but I was kidding. Haha LOL.

So it has been ten million lightyears ago since the last time we hung out at a decent coffee place since over the past year up to recent dates, we have been too affixed to slumping down on bed and drinking rhum in ragged clothes at her place - so this time around, we went somewhere else.

We went to Coffee Cat.

Unfortunately, we were both wearing uniformsssss and mad as hell we were both Helena-Bonham-Carter-DISHEVELED because, as I have always loved to recount it, enrollment sucked the glitter out of us that I almost declined to be officially seen in the public eye with a terribly rotten aura plus a humongous sty on my upperlids.

Surprisingly, although I haven't been put into a much better mood BECAUSE I REALLY FELT THE WORST OUT OF THE STY ON MY EYELIDS, I had one of the most magnificent times EVER spent with the loveliest Korean girl I have ever known in my entire life! It was extra FUN and we were able to parcel out the time we had to catch up on everything we have missed out on each other. I just KNOW that I super love her and I am soooo happy to have found a girlfriend / pet dog in her. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA LOLGASMIC!

I love you JieYeunKim! You know it's yoooou babe! I told yooou!


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