Thursday, June 10, 2010

Happy Birthday IYA ROJAS!

It felt really emotional!! Seriously! I didn't really break down into chicken tears prolly because I have been soooo drained out of water excretion from the rest of my entire human body but in my deepest roots I was sooo filled with emotions. She's been a very close friend of mine and not a very long time ago she declared departure from Davao for some long-winded reason and I was all downright upset from all of it. I was just sooooo happy to have finally seen her after I myself have sorted out to pull off a Serena van der Woodsen on a seering summer time and luckily, she decided to stay!!!! Haha LOLsome.

Anyway, here are some of her pictures. You must be very lucky because I'm posting up her tumblr! Visit for more pictures. Enjoy!


Dave Josef said...

wow, sexy photos :) iya rojas

|Playgroup Singapore

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