Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Queen of all Mothers celebrates

First it was the Earth Hour.

(Photo credit: Green Marketing)

Everybody has been seemingly taking part in joining activities that concern the Earth, and a wide range of choices about which way to help and preserve Mother Earth has been left available for the public to engage themselves in.

Well honestly, I have never been very discerning about what might possibly take place if we wouldn't stop destroying this abode, but since ALMOST THE ENTIRE GLOBE has been incessantly complaining about the effects of global warming, the quality of the majority of our natural environment slowly plummeting, and I, on the other hand, am suffering out of each and every day of being oven-baked everytime I take a little stroll outside our home, then maybe I shall AT LEAST be able to extend the most humble ways of trying to help preserve Mother Earth.

We could start with little steps by trying to tweak our shopping list a little bit. LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics have been a constant favorite ever since I was in elementary school. I would always remember how I would smell the scent of their branch in Glorietta 4 while I was 7-10 meters away from their store. The products are very lovely, colorful, and very eye-catching.

The company is undeniably Mother Earth friendly, meaning they do not use preservatives, they rarely use plastic bottles for packaging, and majority of their products are all natural. 67% of the products they sell are "naked" or packaging-free, something which would be of the Earth's very advantage because there would be less product waste heading into the accumulating mountains of garbage.

How I miss LUSH products! Everybody's really taking part, even Starbucks:

You will be having a P40 discount off the original price of any drink they serve when you use your Starbucks tumbler.

And grocery stores, too, are encouraging everyone to use the green canvass bag instead of the usual plastic ones. It could help save the environment, too. :)


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