Thursday, April 8, 2010

Concerns from a Fan

It has practically been two days since my last post and this sorta scared the chicken shit out of me. You see, I get occasional bloggorhea attacks and usually when it pops, it just never stops.

ANYHOODLE, I was again doing my daily routine of hopping from one website to another and to my surprise, I found this:

This is one drink I would never, ever dare drink EVER.

Karl Lagerfeld dressed up bottles of diet coke and made it look too swanky upper-class you wouldn't even dare think of getting tempted to drink it.

Could they really be serious about this? I mean I know it's really out there, but, why...DIET COKE?? Why not Britney Spears? She badly needs to get dressed up, urgent; real talk. You wouldn't want people like her to go out and look like a lampshade in a 1950's whorehouse and think that a fishnet could actually double as a body suit on a chilling weather and that hair could be dipped on a vat of melted leather shoes just to get a darker hue for that perfect holy communion curls when she's actually going to a party for middle-aged women who once were members of Alcoholics Anonymous and were steady followers of Dr. Phil who talk to them about babies, and divorce, and Cheetos, and why they are not allowed to put their babies in the front seat, right Uncle Karl?

I just think she needs to freshen up. Just sayin'.


Speaking of crazy people, I was watching Ellen last night when I caught a chance to see Beyonce perform Single Ladies live and I thought it was just one of the craziest performances ever because I don't think I could crack my chance of doing something like that without losing a bone anywhere between my lungs and my ribcage, or maybe even my hips. Maybe even bones from my entire body...I dunno... just take a look at it:

Don't you think it's completely not normal to do something like that on live television especially during the last few lines of the song when she was dancing like...I don't even know how to describe it??

Man, I love Beyonce she's thaaa bomb!!!


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