Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Return of Pinoy Flicks & Third Grade Nostalgia

Do you know what got me by the entire day yesterday while I couldn't go out and the internet decided to take a pun and play some joke on me? This:

I told you I'm the mighty jologs-type!

Basha and Popoy! Happy couple turned bitter whiners, uhhh, who would forget? Remember the line, "Putang ina bash, ganyan ka ba talaga katigas?!"? Classic. I just missed this movie and all my favorite Filipino movies in general! In fact, I decided to tune up on Cinema One the entire afternoon today for some major must-see but for some reason I resorted back to the computer for some bloggin' lovin'.

Just this afternoon, my friend Russell Lelis reminded me of G-Mik the Reunion and now I couldn't stop myself from getting excited to see that film. It took me years to even remember it existed! Aahh, third grade memories. Good times. Hahaha.


Meanwhile, to certify my ka-jologs-an, let me share you this: (MUST-SEE!!!)

Now let me pack this up and Imma be gone to buy some ice cream on the grocery as I get ready for one helluva lovin' of a marathon. Ha-ha! Baboosh!


rushlelis said...

I watched One More Chance the other day and it made me cry again!!! hahaha :)) i love it! and oh, let's watch Babe, I Love You ha?

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