Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's all over the news. This is really scary.

CNN News just uploaded this video on their website and it is very, very, VERY alarming that an earthquake would most likely hit Manila after it wrought havoc in Haiti.

The most devastating thing to hear now is that after a total of 16 well-reviewed recommendations on how to make Manila safer, the experts still had no response from any of those. To think they are actually expecting a 7.2 magnitude earthquake to strike the city.

God I am SERIOUSLY scared. I am not closely situated anywhere near Manila but HELLO, this is a rather MAJOR concern not just for myself but for the greater scope of the entire city. I have majority of all relatives and a good bunch of really, really close friends who live there. I just hope this won't go anywhere near a tragedy.

Let us all pray that God won't let this happen to our country.


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