Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Vanessa Hudgens in BEASTLY: Official Trailer

So, as I was AGAIN dealing with my customary drills of hippity hopping around your beloved info highway, I stumbled upon this:

The Official HD Trailer for Vanessa Hudgens' BEASTLY - sort of like a modern-day retelling of Beauty and the Beast but MIND YOU, the witch here is the disheveled goddess from right under your sofa bed MARY KATE OLSEN and mercy, why she's so fierce!

Meanwhile, could this picture serve as a profound manifestation that Vanessa Hudgens and co-star Alex Pettyfer are actually PETRIFIED???

And is this because of your disheveled witch Mary Kate?

Is it because it seems like she lost all of her hair in this next picture as she took in the process of pulling out dynamic efforts to look equally as DISHEVELED as Helena Bonham Carter??

Is it because THEY KNEW RIGHT AWAY that she would be a MAJOR SUCCESS in hopes of looking like a DISORDERED, more bagged out look of Helena Bonhan Carter in this next picture???

Are they to blame? Do they really get scared in real life?

Could they be possibly thinking that Mary Kate Olsen is actually a living proof of a grubby midget reincarnation of Helena Bonham Carter?? And am I actually feeling that I am most likely to get a nightmare tonight??

Do I NOW really HAVE to get SCARED?


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