Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Paul Smith Fall 2010 Collection

Old news, dork. The fashion show for the Paul Smith Fall 2010 collection has long been overdue and it was just now that I have been reminded to put on file this overly elapsed blog post for a huge assemblage of wardrobe candy.

The collection was an extensive array of formal to semi-formal workday apparel which consisted of a balanced fuse of fiery colors and under toned shades. Everything was superbly kickass! The loud colors were creatively infused with calming hues of washed gray and solid black to polish every look into dandy perfection; perfect for the British gentlemen of the imposed "dose of rebel style" by Mr. Smith himself. Now is it just me or do we all see Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl sporting this in his daily schtick of bikini chase?

Or maybe Johnny Depp? Or was it the models?

Ferosha. Stickbuild. And Cheekbones! Perfect!

This brightness of peacock blue is definitely one good way to express fashion passion and corporate affluence.

The Chuck Bass look.

Hot Pink and Dark Plum, Loveit!

(Photo source: GQ)


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