Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Work It, I'm a Freak Bitch, Baby!

Since the politicians and half the entire population of our country have seemed to roll themselves altogether into one gigantic screwball of election scruffle, I decided I must rather course upon another favored topic so as not to add further cat fit into this giant political horseplay.

Look what I have found:

Lady GaGa T-Shirts!!! COVET!!! ACHIEVE!!! Don't you think this perfectly balances all the stressful vibes that the elections have brought to this country?? ILOVEIT!!!

PAGING ALL THE NEWLY BRED POLITICIANS OF THE PHILIPPINES: I believe you have all been directed to be informed that clothing - alongside food, shelter, and freedom - is a considerable and much critical form of a distinguished necessity. Failure to accede and comply by this assertion, as well as the abortion of the proposed mass distribution of useful clothing, will result to a dire manifestation of forsaking the needs of the nation and the humankind in general. Let it be extended to you, our leaders, that I, in behalf of all my fellow countrymen, demand a full reimbursement of $19 per shirt or we shall all summon to encourage a revolt against your present administration. Thankyouverymuch.

(VISIT THEIR STORE: Break The Labels on eBay)

Meanwhile, here's another refreshing NECESSITY to watch out for. Look what Uncle Karl has engineered - a short film!

Chanel Cruise 2011: Remember Now by Karl Lagerfeld. Talk about multiple roles.


Jennifer Romero said...

I absolutely <3 !!


Rolly Marcial said...

@Jennifer: Haha drool worthy indeed. XO

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