Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tomasz Pastyrczak for NEWS Magazine

Seriously. I just felt the urge of literally crashing my hands against this monitor and wish I could grab some piece of clothing from these pictures. Ugh.

I have a long-sleeved shirt which is very, very similar to that of Tomasz. SO I am most likely to boot for his SHOES! I LOVE IT! Very cowboy-ish. I love how ROUGH it looks like.

Shot by photographer Norbert Kniat and styled by Martina Rogy, this catalogue of pictures offers an all-embracing assortment of tastes; from the "almost forbidden" fashion taboo of denim-to-denim to the inventive mix of tamed and striking colors to the simple frame of dandy.

Very, very DELICIOUS.

(Photo credits go to WienerModels. Click here for more pictures.)


The Very Subjective said...

the boots look fan-tas-tic!
(as does the pattern on the dress in the last pic)

Rolly Marcial said...

@theverysubjective: i know! i am so drooling over the boots! that would be all i'll need to pull out the same look of tomasz's argh! haha. anyway ifb's been down for a week already. boo.

The Very Subjective said...

yeah, i noticed that too. i'm also on, but it's not as great as ifb. delancefashion is down when ifb is working, and vice versa :D in the end it appears, that nothing is better than just your own blog :)

Rolly Marcial said...

@theverysubjective: exactly! our blogs are always there to back everything up when they're down for some sort of maintenance or what. but I super miss ifb though. it's a great way and a perfect avenue to connect and meet with people who are equally as passionate in fashion as we do.

Whispering Swallow said...

woww those are some fantastic photos! and the clothes are absolutely fabulous. Love your blog! :)

xoxo Kayla

Rolly Marcial said...

@whispering swallow: thanks Kayla! I have a friend whose name is Kayla, too. She's very dear to me. Anyway I'll go visit your blog in a while. Thanks for dropping by! :)

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