Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Blake Lively for VOGUE June 2010 issue

VOGUE USA has teamed up AGAIN with Gossip Girl star Blake Lively to shoot a reviving compilation of carefree and lighthearted pictures - just in time for the up and coming entrance of the American summer. Unlike her debut cover for Vogue, her June issue is much MUCH more relaxed and has veritably passed through the overworked supermodel pose.

Now forgive me for playing a suspicious cat but. . .did they try to pull a take-off of Charlie's Angels Full Throttle: The Beach Scene when they decided to shoot Blake for Vogue the second time around? And do you think that Blake Lively really needs to start opening her mouth when she's talking looks like a Cameron Diaz 2010 mimeograph or was it just me?

Well, close mouthed open mouthed, fact remains that Blake Lively is now a Hollywood favorite, and Mischa Barton could never get more intimidated with this. And as much as I used to sink head over heels over Cameron Diaz's megawatt smile, we sometimes need an a younger meat devoid of the burgeon of the wrinkly crow's feet ughck for the viewer's sake (may the heavens above bless the invention of Botox).

Photographer Mario Testino together with world-renowned surfer Rob Machado and writer Hamish Bowles have all gone Dutch and grand in participation. Apart from my useless ramblings, I am definitely catching some satisfactory viewing of these pictures. This photoshoot's surfer sexy, I shall better get myself a copy!


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