Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sometimes, we ask ourselves...


The never-ending question - WHY?

In life, young or old, we never run out of questions.

Unarguably, there are a multifold of queries which we sometimes find very confounding as we try to reveal the answers before us. We would even perpetually surmise for enlightenment as we try to untangle the mysteries, the questions, and the obscurity of life's hidden messages that perplex not only our thinking, but also, our entire being.

Right now, there are so many questions that run in my head, in my heart, and in general, in my life. Which is why I am brought to make this blog post right now - for me to be able to unlock the mysteries behind the following shoe pieces that made me want to throw myself into a tub of hot, boiling water. YES. You heard me. SHOES. I am actually talking about SHOES.

First of all, WHY? Why are there existent shoe pieces like these? Why could they be so serious about it? Do some people plan to become animals instead of humans? Is this some sort of a fashionable way to commit suicide? Are these shoes even legal??? And do you, readers, think that Daphne Guinness is behind the conspiracy of this all??? Is this a scheme by the ILLUMINATI secret society of Satan to destroy Lady GaGa and make her trip and fall in one of her concerts because she is now officially out of the group?????? IS LADY GAGA GONNA DIE?!?!?!?!!?!

Now, these are my insights. On a rather serious note, I would like to cry. Not that I'm emotional because I have finally found the pictures for a soon-to-be endorsed Lady GaGa brochure, but because I would like to weep in behalf of those women who wore these shoes. Chances are, they died, they were bedridden for months due to multiple bone injuries, or possibly that they are now living in peace but once upon a time in their lives they have been arrested for some serious crime offense of NOT ABIDING BY THE RULES OF LAW.

So now let me first blast off to space as I try to decipher, contemplate, and discern about the other why's, what's, and what-the-hell's in my life. Like if I really do have to take a shower the next morning or what. So BYE!


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