Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Pretty Reckless: Taylor Momsen with Make Me Wanna Die

OMG! OMG! Did Little Taylor Momsen Mistress of the Dark finally clinched the deal and sold half herself to the DIABOLICAL SUPERPOWERS of the smokey eye make up?!?!?! And do you think that in her 16 years of existence she has yet to discover the use of hair brush????

You gotta see the video! She looks ten times more of the barbaric person that she is and her eyes look like miniature septic tanks! Ferocious! CHECK! CHECK!

Now if only Little J has sorted out her options and chose to cling to a better manager, this song is sooo gonna be heard by millions. Surprisingly, she sounds good. What is much more surprising is, ohyourgosh, she has a song! Go Taylah!


Dave Josef said...

oh, its miss bad girl :) my wallpaper. she is so gorgeous

|Playgroup Singapore

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