Saturday, May 8, 2010

Official Music Video of Can't Be Tamed - Miley Cyrus

Mmkay, so what we've got here is a Britney Spears version 2.0 with longer locks of auburn curls, ridiculously giant wings, and well, a better singing voice for a caged crow(?) . . . wait, OMG she's a caged crow???? I'm a slave much??? Miley the new Britney Spears under-study???

Okay, serious. Too young for sexy? Well yes, I guess. But if little 14 year-old dumplings in the Philippines are already parading their skin and flashing do-it-yourself cleavages, then what difference does it make for American girls? You guess - A LOT (you heard of the Vanessa Hudgens story, don't pretend). Albeit I remain sturdy with my opinion that it must have been a greater idea had they considered making Miley a gold fish instead. She looks perfect for the part. You know what I mean. LOL.

Now surprisingly, I love the video. Why? Because I'm a die-hard fan with a mind impervious to reason, ha!, although I completely understand that this is a fair manifestation of a baby prostitute, as long as Miley never gets dubbed of a living blow up doll, I'd still be fine.

My, I'm such a fan. (insert rolling eyes icon here and place four fingers down my throat) Haha, boo.


Island Gal said...

I don't get why she wants to look sexy...
I mean she made her millions by being a cute funny next door girl, why change her audience and maybe risk losing all the crazy teenagers fan?

Rolly Marcial said...

@Island Gal: I know. The crazy part here is that she is not likely to lose her bandwagon of kiddos. They are more likely to adapt to her new sexy Miley image and as we all know, what they see on elder people will almost always seem right for them. Tsk tsk.

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