Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Today, I stopped taking antidepressants

I am totally out of words right now. Swear. Give me a second before I start talking.


NOW FIRST OFF, please forgive me for relentlessly flooding my blog with video posts, Cable television companies in third world wilderness have decided to keep playing re-runs that sometimes I just feel like pulling out my eyeballs from their sockets and send them off to Universal Studios. SECOND, I KNOW - some computers don't recognize embedded objects because of PRIMITIVE software, BUT BELIEVE ME, it's either you are watching this video with me or you are losing ten times the fun that a hundred and fifty sniffs of dope can never equal. Okay, so here's the EPIC:


At some point while watching this video I felt tears in my eyes. His screen name is PhatGayKiD, he's on YouTube and he totally thinks he's famous. I do not have any idea whatsoever if he's under serious professional treatment or if he has medical prescriptions similar to that of Chris Crocker but my conclusive assertion on this one is that the U.S. Government shall definitely start working on the implementation of their drug-related programs - URGENT. . .THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO ARE IN DIRE NEED OF HELP. And before you start thinking that THIS could just be some sort of a hoodwink, here's another:

I'm scared. I am not yet very certain if I shall consider this as a vehement reminder of an impending WORLD ANNIHILATION but it's better to be safe this early than to regret soon after. I'm taking this very seriously.

I'm really scared.


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