Saturday, May 8, 2010

Seriously, an Electronic Cigarette?

For four years now since I was fifteen, I have been compulsively smoking snuffs and shags out of each and every cigarette that touches my hands, and so far, I haven't been really so proud of it.

First off, I get easily discomposed whenever the urge starts to travel up my mouth and compels me to have something pinned between my lips, which gets really annoying. And usually at night, just in time for my most superstitious psyche of the day, I would find myself standing broomstick straight outside of our house as I puff the dark hours away under a creepy and spine-chilling pitch dark.

Well so much about my lengthy roots. What really brought me up to make this post was that earlier this morning just right after I accidentally spoiled coffee all over the daily paper, I caught an article of e-Cigarettes in it. Okay, quick recall one month ago: my friend Rush Lelis was itching for another prized bargain which blew the hell out of her smoking lungs because cigarettes now come with a charger. NOW SRSLY NEWSPAPER ARTICLE FOR A CIGARETTE? HAS BATTERIES? And it's ELECTRONIC??

Mmkay, so at first glance it looked like some dismantled Parker pen although I was quite enchanted with the fact that it is indeed electronic and it comes in pink, too, not just some phony bogus like pictures of beer powder and Marlboro dope spreading all over the internet. And right there and then I thought if maybe it could also be possible to have electronic food?

ANYWAY, beyond question, this has certainly surged up rockets in the manner of smoking, and I heard they have now conceptualized new product versions that do not emit unpleasant tobacco odor, so I guess that equals the feeling of having a thorn pulled out from my back since I wouldn't have to stand creepy nights outside of our house anymore. LOL.

The e-Cigarette is a battery-powered device that provides vaporized nicotine solution which you could inhale. They also have flavors, too - menthol, vanilla, caramel, and even coffee. As how I would interpret, I guess the e-Cigarette would give the same purported delivery of smoke just like the Shisha which also requires to be refilled after the oil/solution has dissipated.

Well, I am not yet decided on how I would place my take on this one, but I guess for now I would already be at my happiest with a pack of standard cigarettes. After all, four years of a love-hate relationship with my cigars is more than enough, not that I'm not putting limitations, to set good foundation for a longer-lasting friendship. ;)


kristy eléna said...

this thing is crazy!

btw i LOVE the look of your blog and your profile picture. amazing!!

Rolly Marcial said...

Thank you, Kristy. Your blog is pretty catchy, too. I love the blog name!

See you around!

The Very Subjective said...

ok, then. my opinion goes like this - if you like to smoke, then smoke, and electronic cigarettes are... i don't know what they are, but i wouldn't be caught dead with one in my hand.

i love to smoke, and it doesn't even mean that i smoke every day. i smoke when i want to. and i don't, if i don't (that's a nice sentence there, lol).

don't have to be proud or not be proud. just do it if you want to and no regrets, ok? life is too short.

Rolly Marcial said...

@The Very Subjective: Wow, that was said with conviction. :)

Well I'm actually taking into consideration the thought about quitting. I've no regrets with the decisions I have had in my life, because really I have learned so much from them - good and bad decisions alike. But I like how you take a stand on what you think. Thank you for the commenting. Hope to hear more from you on my next blog posts. :)

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