Monday, May 3, 2010

Official Music Video of Not Myself Tonight

Giant shades! Anti-truth! Sexual poses! ILLUMINATI!!! ILLUMINATI!!! Hot damn this is ILLUMINATI!!!

I knew this would take all the honey!! Selfish Motha Effer Xtina! Ha! Have you not seen anything like this before like there had been some turbulent cross between Lady Gaga, Madonna, and some lady-sucking Catwoman eating up a pair of insanely painful shoes and electrifying red lipstick??! Yes! That is Christina Aguilera's new image! And after a loooooong long break of hiatus and some really bad blow of post-pregnancy breast nerves popping out her chest, she has finally risen back from the dead! Who would have thought that she would be queueing back in with a hot mess like this? I love it!

But surely, I believe, this is Illuminati! Illuminati!!! Gaaaahh Illuminati!!!


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