Monday, May 10, 2010

A Compilation of Monday WTFs

Now I am betting my white ass on this credit that most of you my readers have already grown accustomed with my cut-and-dried tactics of complaining about almost everything - hot weather, wtf-are-you-serious outfits, hot weather, crazy celebrities, hot weather, etcetera etcetera. Well aside from the parching HOT WEATHER (which I decided to endure as long as I'm bogged down on this tropical dwelling) I realized more respectable arguments than a steady country steam. For example: Today, I dozed off the entire afternoon. So no Gossip Girl marathon for me there. That should really be something.

Okay fine, I kid. This has got something to do with PI politics, and I KNOW, with this much conundrum taking place in our country and a thousand count of blogsites dashing off their respective viewpoints on how important yet mismanaged this election is, this could probably be the nth time around that you have read something in this same acumen. On twitter, the #halalan trend made an effortless shoo away on Justin Bieber's name.

First of all, I have a couple of screaming qualms to share. Jejomar Binay, a vice presidential candidate who failed to win my liking (not like he would EVER care, I mean, do most politicians ever care?), has surged up his ranking to number one. Second, in a lesser contrast yet a very alarming one, ex-President Joseph "ERAP" Estrada has landed on number two. And this is for the presidential race.

Now the first one, that of Binay's, admittedly is on a biased note. I'm all for his opponent, Mar Roxas, so on this part right here you could scratch that off your head and wish this country would not end with a flying fuck of a corrupt political douchebag. But the latter, Erap Estrada landing a number two spot. . . presidential race. . .WHAT ON MOTHER EARTH IS HAPPENING TO THE MILLIONS OF VOTING PEOPLE NOW?!?!

Okay let me NOT lose my cool on this but seriously, when will we, our country, ever learn? We have gone through hell way back in his administration, and we have berthed in the arms of a self-righteous political bitch after his descend, and now we are voting him back to lead our country?? Shall I now assume that majority of us are actually pulled by heart just by having an ex-politician, who shove money from our own hands, front one of his winning dramatic excuses?! I know I shall not be much agitated by this knowing that HE WILL NOT (and CANNOT), matter-of-factly speaking, win this elections BUT taking into consideration that the counting is still being processed by comelec and is NOT YET FINAL, BY HEAVENS ABOVE, the old man has got a chance! UGH.

Now for the moment let me just say my prayers as I plan to throw myself in a hot tub of water hoping that by the time I wake up, they will announce the name of SOME OTHER PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE. Thankyouverymuch!


On a faaaaaaaaar more interesting note, I have found this somewhere over the Internet:

One of the promotional pictures for Charice Pempengco's new album. It looks like a concert ticket! Don't you think the Philippines shall thank whoever her stylist is??? I love it!

AND! Can you believe this?? Jejemon Trailer for The Jejemon Movie! HAHAHA. I told you, this is a MAJOR concern which clamor for political support and guidance! Some things must be really scarier than 2012.



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