Sunday, May 2, 2010

Jovit Baldivino: Pilipinas Got Talent

It is so refreshing to see new talents flourish and score high guns in the limelight of Philippine television today. And I must say with great pride that this new talent search of Philippine media giant - ABS-CBN - has certainly attracted more and more viewers not just in the local market but most of all, on a larger and wider scope that is the international scene.

Unarguably, if there is anyone from the vast number of contestants who made it to the semi-finals, I shall definitely claim without doubt that the ONLY one who elicited major goosebumps all over my body and sent shivers down my spine is 16 year old wonder Jovit Baldivino from Batangas who not only wowed the audience with his fascinating voice but also drove them into tears. And that included me.

There's just something about this kid. He hasn't even started talking yet, but I am already pinched at heart. I guess it's in the eyes. Those eyes tell a story that majority of us here in the blogosphere are lucky enough to not have gone through. His innocence seems untouched, and his humility brings us back to how we were first taught to remain humble and not contain too much pride. At a very young age, he has worked his way through life, even selling Chinese dimsum after class just for him to be able to lessen all the boulder on their impoverished life. You know that his wits are not honed by the formal training of elitism but by the whips and blows of living his hard knock days.

I am just so happy for him that I couldn't contain myself. I get really touched and at the same time very happy for the less fortunate ones to be given the much-needed chance to show whatever God-given talent they have acquired. And with this kid wonder right here, 3,000,000++ views on YouTube is a sign of a long way to run. But this time, rest assured, it's on a better road that promises a smooth sail to stardom. :)


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