Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bret Jackson: PBB's Justin Bieber?

Okay, so before I progress with my stupid twaddles, let me first extend to you a forewarning that I am about to talk incessantly about my secret love-affair with Kapamilya TV shows. Since Sky Cable took a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG halt from functioning, I got stuck with local channels almost the entire night. Apparently since I am a true-blue, patriotic staunch who feed on cheesy comic-type love stories and crappy monologues from celebrities, ABS-CBN served me perfectly in my cheer. So here it goes:

First, I was watching Pinoy Big Brother last night. My fellow Davaoena Tricia has again bursted in what she thought was top-rated acting. I thought it was frown-worthy. Fey got kicked out, and a slew of new faces clocked in. And from right there I regarded myself as brilliant because I spotted a resemblance between the Teenternational Housemate Bret Jackson and Toddler-friendly Justin Bieber.

And then when he started swaying his hair, I thought he looked like Zac Efron, too.

And the three of them like plaid tops, too! Ha! ANYHOODLE, enough of Big Brother. So commercials came forth and guess what? Right then I just met the perfect summer movie to watch! I can't wait!!!

Now this is totally the bomb! You have to watch the trailer for you to understand. I am not so fondly attached with the other cast members except for Eugene Domingo and Angelica Panganiban, but I only needed one scene so extraordinary I would really WANT to watch it. Here's the trailer:

Have you seen Angelica Panganiban doing the "Apir, apir, apir" song and dance number?? I died there! Haha. Temporary death, then I resurrected just when Rubi has started. Haha. My, I love you Angelica Panganiban! You're SENSATIONAL!!! I will HAVE to meet you someday although I somehow did when I used to come across you everyday on the 6th floor of Talent Center. Do I now have to get slapped across the face because I am such a fan??

Meanwhile, let me first take a loooong and relaxing hot shower because I still have a book to read. Don't you think my life is so stress-free? This is exactly what I needed. Away from drinks, booze, and late-night stay-ins. BABOOOOSHABLES!!


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