Thursday, May 13, 2010

Charice nailed Baby cover; Pyramid debuts on Oprah

Tila Tequila, you must be really proud they call you her long lost sistah!

Filipino wonder kiddo Charice Pempengco wowed celebrity blogger Perez Hilton with her Baby rendition. No sweat.

And she's learning how to rap, too! Heard that? Ha!

I am so proud of her. But I swear I am sooo giving major thanks to her stylist! She autoMAGICALLY brought out her inner international DIVA, has she ever got a clue?! Just a little boost of front and some badonkadonkdonk and hella gewd she could pull off a Beyonce just like that! Watch out!

Meanwhile, here's a video of her appearance in Oprah for her Pyramid album release. Phenomenal!




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