Wednesday, May 5, 2010

River Viiperi for Coitus Magazine

The newly-bred Coitus magazine has launched it's debut issue roughly a week ago and has reached my ear just right after it has penetrated the webs of fashion bloggers all across the Internet. The context alone of having named a magazine with a rather naughty connotation was more than enough to alarm and agitate me (pun intended) to take a closer look of its contents.

The shots were almost explicit, though artistically, it was one big step of injecting artistry through pictures of the body. Shot by UK-based photographer Pantelis, Spanish model River Viiperi has definitely portrayed a good combination of taste, sexy, and spontaneous fun all beautifully pooled together to complete this issue.

I want a copy!!! Does FILBARS in Manila sell magazines like these?? I swear I am dead sure I wouldn't find a single copy circulating around the southern area. Gaaaah.

(All image/photo credits go to The Fashionisto)


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