Monday, March 29, 2010

Yes, Pilipinas Got Talent!

Since I have been terribly gorged down by boredom, I decided to just stick my nose in front of the computer screen the entire day. And yes, I have tried it all - shabby Filipino movies in Cinema One, singing while in front of the electric fan, nibbling down a pack of smarties, crying in front of the mirror - all to no avail. So I guess this could be my last resort.

And voila! Turns out, this is definitely where I could find my happiness for the day! Now, people, brace yourselves as I show you the rarest of all signage that sucked up all my lethargy!

Tan tanana nana! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh dear heavens above, I have never EVER seen a banana flavored saging in my entire life! This has got me laughing for quite a long time! Kinabog ang "Pongkan 4 sale, 5 pesos per each"! HAHAHAHA. And just when I thought I have already found the funniest treasure of the day, I stumbled again on yet another slapstick signage on the tummy.

Akalain mo nga naman, may SM pala na ASIA OF MALL?? HAHAHAHA. This is definitely one of my favorites in my dear motherland! What most of us Filipinos have in common is our unparalleled sense of humor and it is one dominant talent that we use everywhere, sometimes even without really wanting to be funny. There is just so much out there to lift you up out of your downest days. I love the Philippines!


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