Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Manny Villar, a BIG lie?

As if it wasn't bad enough that Villar has been repeatedly asking that phrase, "nakaligo ka na ba sa dagat ng basura?", here comes yet another frenzied drop of cold proof how this sneaky presidential candidate has been masking his entire life with a classic down-and-out pauper story.

Just last night, it was all over the papers, television channels, and radio stations: "Manny Villar lied and used the death of his brother to reclaim sympathy from the voting crowd." And as much as I don't want to buy into this statement, a concrete evidence is always difficult to restrain. In fact, it has been validated, authenticated, and justified by no less than the National Statistics Office and the ever hopeful Noynoy Aquino - actively supported by his devoted band of sidekicks from the Liberal Party who are more likely than not the happiest of the bunch.

Now, the long-winded question "Naranasan mo na bang mamatayan ng katapid dahil wala kayong perang panggamot?" still remains the core of this discussion. Hard evidence showed that Villar's brother, Danny Villar, stayed and was taken care of at the FEU (Far Eastern University) Hospital which was Philippine's top hospital at that time, long before the establishment of the Makati Medical Center and St. Luke's Hospital. He died out of Cardiac and Respiratory Failure resulting from complications of Leukemia. As we all know, in the early 60's, there were no transplants and chemotherapy yet so regardless of social status or inherited wealth, patients of contracting leukemia still died out of the disease.

Upon Danny's death, his remains were conveyed and turned over to La Funeraria Paz, undeniably one of the expensive funeral houses built in the Philippines, if not the most expensive. If you have been there, you could declare how plush and first class the entire establishment is. And as far as I could remember, a single night of laying one's dead body in the funeral place would roughly cost you a sum not lower than 50 gran but could be higher than a hundred thousand, which of course will depend on the kind of room you get for deceased.

Aside from these claims which were soon established as real, the Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT number: 135396/3194) of a 560 sqaure meter property in the upper class San Rafael Village in Navotas was proven to be purchased by the Villars. This and the abovementioned controversy regarding the real facts about his brother's death were all aiding components that could lead to the downfall of Villar's ambition to win the hearts of people.

No wonder, with an average of almost 90% of voters falling in the D and E levels from the economic class, this is definitely what brought Villar to create such crafty shenanigan. I really don't know if I am in a position to criticize. My parents are good friends with Villar way back when he was still starting out in the political arena. But I think things have always been overrated by Villar - the commercials, the illustrated innocence from the faulty c-5 road project, the poverty of his family, and now the death of his brother.

Honestly, I have nothing against Manny Villar or how he might have lied about what he has been through in his younger age. I will always look up to people who may not have been given the bankrolls and the resources to start up with, yet still dug themselves their own opportunities that gave birth to their well-deserved success. And I don't know if this would sound believable but I see that person in Villar. But then again he crossed the line and maneuvered his way, and this has caused dismay to his followers and avid supporters; such a dire case of rejection could possibly root out from this. Though it might help, a presidential candidate DOES NOT necessarily need a winning story in the usual rags-to-riches fashion. What he needs is a good platform, a mind that encompasses all concerns of his country, a promise that exudes honesty. That is what our country needs, and definitely not another sob story to read.

The Philippines has long been bombarded with pretensions and I seriously think that it is the least that our country would ever choose to gulp in. For long years, we have been choked and drowned by the malicious intents and never-ending deceits all twisted to form the perfect corrupt and spiteful cross that is the PHILIPPINE POLITICS. What our country needs now is an honest and straight leader who will, although cliche, make us a better country. Now, had Villar went straight forward with his story, maybe, atleast, he could have topped the Facebook surveys. :)


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