Monday, March 29, 2010

5 Random Things About Me Today

5. For the entire week last week up to this very moment that I am pushing efforts to dismiss it off my tongue, I am still badly hung over from Miley Cyrus' When I look at you (theme song for her movie The Last Song). I sing it everyday all day, except on mornings where I belt out Good Morning Baltimore from Hairspray. I know what you're thinking. Isn't that so gay? UGH.

4. I'm not much of a watch junkie. I'm not really accustomed to wearing something that looks and feels bulky aside from accessories I usually wear on my left wrist. But just this morning I decided I want a new watch. Nooka x Mad Toy SLIMEBALL Sqwert Watch looks so inspiring I'm willing to forget about my night life just to have this.

3. I decided that I will not drink anything carbonated for today. And maybe I would like to stick to it for the following weeks. Depends.

2. If there is something I am incessantly salivating over right now, it would be Dairy Queen's Oreo Blizzard Ice Cream. The last time I happily held my hands on a large cup of Blizzard was roughly a year ago. Looking back, I just miss it more.

1. I want to write a book. Serious. I want to go out, study about how people act, get specific and make characters out of them. I still don't have a story on hand, but I'm thinking of something law-related. Something similar to what John Grisham writes. Or maybe about mysterious serial killers. I just love the rush that suspense books always give me. I don't know if this is just a momentary surge born out of boredom, but I hope I push through with this. Wish me luck! ;)


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