Sunday, March 28, 2010

Drunk F/Phase

For the past months of this year and the entire year last year, majority of what I could efficiently remember during time spans between 7pm to around midnight were awfully blur. And in some serious cases I could not even remember anything. As in zilch. Nada. None.

Obviously, this has rooted out when I found close affection with the likes of tequila, rhum, vodka and premium strength that I finally succumbed to what they call, well, in layman's term, party everyday - the wackiest and the craziest phase of my life where I met the guts and learned how to stomach frog legs, ask a takatak boy to buy me an entire country to help me build a nation, and command a friend to suck blood from my bleeding finger (to which she gladly said yes). And trust me, those weren't even my worst case scenario.

There might be countless of times when I act like one miserably hopeless nut perhaps because I don't like what I'm wearing, is being asked to go home early, or have missed out on my favorite prime time tv show, but other than that I could not anymore place myself anywhere between miserable and permanently depressed. I love the feeling of being uncontrollably free - set aside all worries and tension and just drink the night away. I am not miserable. Drinking over misery is pathetic and immature, but when your problems are so major that you just have to gulp it all down your liver, you only do that at HOME and not on public areas, bars, and definitely not on school just like I did, hence you are getting yourself into serious trouble.

However, since I technically do not have an iron liver, I have resorted to putting myself into probation. Up to this day, I remain sturdy with my oath that I will not drink any alcoholic drink of any sort for a good one month. Serves enough reason why I have been distancing away from my friends for the prior weeks. I just want to feel clean, let all toxins, free radicals, and booze get flushed away in my system until I, again, feel sacred enough to start on yet another life phase. I'm not really saying goodbye to drinking but I'll have it in moderation this time. God knows how much I DO NOT want another February 2010 episode in my life where I spoke a valley-girl accent and nearly had 20 trips to the bathroom in one night. Luckily, I have already gone over that page.

For three weeks in a row, I was all water, iced tea, and orange juice and I know I am worthy of all applause and noisy hear-hear's from everyone who witnessed my flipped out drinking tactics. Besides I got so tired of getting drunk and feeling wasted; finally I have found another pseudo sister in the form of rice toppings and sweet treats. Guess this will be another phase in excess. Wish me luck!


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