Tuesday, March 30, 2010

When TV stars cross the line

I have always been a fan of Gossip Girl and its clean-cut, high-end school-girl fashion, but since Leighton Meester and Taylor Momsen started to venture out for a music career, their wardrobe picks have also slumped down a great deal. Here are two pictures that stuck on my head:

I really don't know what has happened to Leighton Meester her royal highness but I just wish she never wore those pants. Aside from the fact that it looks like three elderly grandmothers died in that crap, it also looks like it had some really bad encounter with a league of angry butterflies. You know that this is not a very good choice because Michelle Trachtenberg is laughing in the backgound.


TAYLOR MOMSEN looks like this at sixteen.

When all my girl friends were sixteen, they were only starting to learn how to put one layer of cheap eye color on their crease. Taylor, on the other hand (aside from looking like a demented cocker spaniel) looks like she sew her own top out of a living room curtain, mugged a throng out of Joan Jett's eye makeup kit and decided that she wanted to be a raccoon all her life. I wonder what she will look like when she turns 20.

I guess that could be all. I just shared my part. I miss Gossip Girl. :\

[Photo credits: Splash News and Google Images]


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