Monday, March 29, 2010

Where art thou Crazy Earthlings?

Not that I don't miss my other friends but if there are two people whom I completely long for more than anyone else right now, it would definitely be these two friends of mine: Russell and Mia.

For starters, I haven't seen Mia for nearly half a year now since she was convicted with the child molestation case that sentenced her to solitary confinement all her life, if I'm not so mistaken. And sadly, Russell is locked up in incarceration at the remote villas up in the mountains where she gathered rice grains, corn stalks, and even bird poo to feed her pet kalabaw. I don't even know what kalabaws really eat but that's what I assumed anyway so I guess that could be possible right?

Anyway, kidding aside! Hahaha. I just miss them so badly it really makes me happy that I'm making fun of them. LOL.

On a rather serious note, Mia has finally found a job in Manila roughly a year ago. And to date she still resides in south area of Manila where obviously is a lot of steps, miles, oceans away from here. She threw a visit a couple of months ago, but that wasn't enough to fill in the long months of absence. Wish she could give us a visit again. :'(

Russell, on the other hand, is just around the corner. But I have long came at peace with the fact that Russell is, well, a super prized possession to her parents and is not just being let out without reason. Guess this serves enough reason why I rarely see her. :(

I miss our never-ending laughtrips! Can somebody make it really possible that I see both of you right now?? I miss you both, it's beyond words! :'(


rushlelis said...

awww. this is sooooo sweet!!!! i was laughing the whole time while reading this blog post of yours! kainis ka friend!!!! what's up with the remote villas, rice grains, corn stalks and the KALABAWS?! i know you were just joking about it but what if people belive you?! GOODLUCK!! but really, that was hilarious!!!!!! hahahaha :)) and oh, I MISS YOU EVEN MORE! i promise, we'll see each other soon na! :) -rush

rushlelis said...

and oh, why do i look sooooo good in that picture?! hahaha :))

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