Thursday, July 1, 2010

REUNITED by Marlon Advincula & Julius Fernandez

Last Monday, Kuya Marlon called us up and asked us if we could find some spare time from our schedule to squeeze in a photoshoot with him and a fellow photographer; and having been out of the cycle of shoots with him for the longest time, we all decided to show up on Wednesday. So by Wednesday we all got up before lunch (which would always appeal as "quite impossible" - taking in consideration the freedom of extended hibernation because of the inauguration holiday) and met up at the Lelis residence before 1pm.

The entire shoot was a blast! Not to sound like I'm polishing my own shoe but it certainly has been worthy of the long stretch of time spent for make-up and outfit changes. Here are the first set of the group shots:

Will definitely be posting the rest of the shots after everything has been uploaded. Waitersss for the solos. A big round of applause for THE unbelievable skill of Kuya Marlon to capture every emotion and every snap of the hip. Also to Kuya Julius who's equally as talented as our favorite photographer. Thank you, thank you!


F (The Very Subjective) said...

Rolly, dear, you have a mission!
go to to see what you have to do!

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