Sunday, July 18, 2010

Stripped from my INNOCENCE

And on this night I felt like I have been raped. Like I have been devirginized. Deflowered. Demoralized. Like I have been harshly decorticated from my unaffected charm. Would you believe me? Do I sound convincing?

This is exactly how I look like when people rape me. Like I try to warp my face in a very grotesque fashion. More like my own way version of a defense mechanism.

Although I do not, in any way (as I am very much convinced) appear horribly disheveled from the looks of these shots, deep inside and deep down there wreaked some tragic havoc as I lunged in that, ughck, drink. When again was the last time I took a sip from a stirring shot glass?

Last Monday? UGHk. Memories I would NOT like to remember. Thanksbutnothankssothankyouverymuch.

So anyway, on this night we all had fun. I somehow, partly, inexplicably enjoyed the alcohol since it's been months already (err, weeks cuz I cheated) since I have been steady on working out with my soberness. In essence I felt like I broke my promise but, gaaah, what the hell! It's not like I crawled at a snail's pace because I got drunk.

THE Lovebirds were also there! Paris & MileyApril! Felt like they formed in synergy to make me feel that I AM FRICKIN SINGLE DEMMET!!!

On my next post. Will still have to finish a case study. Wish me luck!


Kai Villanueva said...

You and your friends are beautiful! :) Nice blog by the way. I've been visiting this blog for quite some time now and this is my first time to comment! Yayyy!♥

Dave Josef said...

so nice :) beautiful moments :) with friends

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Mecy Kim said...

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