Saturday, July 10, 2010

Marylou Briones' 20th BIRTHDAY! Sooo FUN!!!

So the pact that I made with myself - which I carved in wood, etched in stone, and taken by heart - is NOW broken. BROKEN. Like IN-MY-FACE broken. All because my bestfriend Marylou Briones talked me through her sweet "please" and puppy eyes. Nice.

So anyhoodles, this night of her 20th birthday was a blast! In Mary's belief that nobody got drunk, I lament. I got DRUNK. Again like IN-YOUR-FACE drunk! But definitely not like another March 2010 episode of my life, which I really, really don't like so I'll sort of skip on that.

I wish all my days were like this - when and where I have all my friends around me and we'd just have all the fun we could ever fathom like we don't have ACCOUNTING 222 to ever worry about, right Krizia?


Of course I can never go home from a party without. . .

On my next post!!!!


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